Monday, February 8, 2010

Republicans are not Pleased with Job Bill and proposal for Job Creation

Republican Democrat FightRepublican party in their media address announced that they are not happy with the job bill and President Barack Obama’s proposal of job creation. They are not ready to waste more money on the bail out plan in the name of job creation. President Barack Obama proposed to the congress that the leftover $30 billion money sanctioned for the bail out of Wall Street should be used to provide more loans to the small business owners. They named it the engine for job growth.

But the Republicans are not ready to waste any more money on bail out plan and they want the money should be used to decrease the budget deficit. They asked where is the return of the already spent billion dollar bailout plan? This is evidence of another dirty feud between the two parties regarding the most burning problem of United States.

News Source : Republicans Arguing over Obama’s proposal of Job Creation